[Logan] [21] [nonbinary]


I’m generally a person who doesn’t mind being single. I have been single pretty much my whole life. I have never been in a relationship. Not even a fling. I’ve never even kissed a guy. And I’ve been perfectly fine with that. I have a lot of friends and I do stuff with them frequently. I am good at being social in school and I keep in touch with my family at home. I’m not one of those people who say they’re “forever alone.” I think that you have to try pretty hard to be truly forever alone.

However, recently I began feeling really down about my singularity and I really want to have someone who means something to me. And I know this is how a lot of people feel everyday. I have this deep longing for something that, frankly, I sometimes feel like I’ll never have. I start to get really down on myself and start thinking “maybe you’re too fat” or “maybe it’s your personality” or “maybe your face is just busted.” This isn’t true though. I realize that IMMEDIATELY after I say it to myself that I am someone of worth and I know that I matter and I WILL matter to the right person when he decides to show his late-ass face. 

I only allow myself one sappy post in a great while. At least a month. I feel like if I do any more than that, people will start to think that I’m a whiny teenager. 

So that’s all I had on my mind today. Better do some homework :)